Business Intelligence Program

Regina Analytics has been committed in fostering data culture as a solution. Developing a program to drive adoption of Azure/PowerBI internally has been at the center of our Business Intelligence Program development helping organization for a smooth cultural shift. Through a combination of training, a comprehensive communication strategy, and user-centric features and design, business Intelligence program drives adoption of our customers data culture with Azure/PowerBI. This program enables employees to use cloud solutions, data visualization, business intelligence and statistical analysis in their day-today jobs. Employees who are previously limited by a mindset that they do not have the technical skills or time necessary to model data. Or they thought the data was not available or accessible. The Business Intelligence Program has proven that data driven decisions are possible at every level of the organization, while also creating loyal fans that influence their teams to use data to make informed decisions.

The Business Intelligence Program uses basic principles of change management to enable change inside the company. We focus on different activities based on the product lifecycle and recent updates. The principles drive the following behaviors:

  • Awareness – Employees are aware of the product and its features
  • Understanding – Employees understand the benefits of the product and its features
  • Enablement – Employees learn or know how to use the product and its features
  • Adoption – Employees use the product regularly

Power BI Subject Matter Expert (SME)

For the program to succeed, at least one person in the program must be Azure/PowerBI subject matter expert (SME).  This person (or persons) is a BI professional with deep experience and knowledge of how the company uses BI, and helps the program make all decisions related to Power BI usage inside the company. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding Azure/PowerBI and how your company will use it
  • Continually learning and keeping current with the Azure/PowerBI roadmap and features
  • Sharing knowledge about Azure/PowerBI roadmap and features with the program and the company
  • Azure/PowerBI content and timing for all other workstreams
  • Liaising with Azure/Power BI product group and Microsoft on behalf of your company
  • Advising the program and employees on features, timing, training
  • Vetting or creating content to publish through all workstreams
  • Planning and executing any early adoption and testing programs for employees


Another important component is ensuring that employees have the training they need to learn how to use Power BI.  We have developed a training model that which is easy for customers to implement.


Regina Analytics has an external Helpdesk for our customer’s employees to find solutions to technical problems. To adopt Azure/PowerBI, you will also want to determine what is the best support mechanism for your users and how you will integrate that with the standard help facilities or help desk you have for your users.

Strategic Advisors

We have a small team of BI advisors who engage with key customer’s internal BI teams creating Azure/PowerBI solutions.  These advisors work with the BI teams to ensure they are aware of and using all the resources available to help them adopt Azure/PowerBI and facilitate their progress.


Finally, in alignment with a data-driven culture, we continually measure the program’s impact.  We analyze Azure/PowerBI user activity and combine it with user surveys, interviews and focus groups to help make decisions on how to run and improve our program.

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