Business Process Outsourcing

Due to the covid-19 pandemic most companies are struggling to find the best human resources to help them in analytics. We have developed a model that includes a pool of qualified and accredited consultants who are deployed on premises. Companies have grown interest in the (fourth Industrial revolution) 4IR as to enhance technologies in the Artificial Intelligence space but there is confusion as to the application. There is also a need for data analysis, as data has grown to be an asset for most companies. Due to lack of knowledge most managers have just been harvesting data. Going back to the definitions, data is raw unprocessed facts and figures that have no context or purposeful meaning and information is processed data that has meaning and is presented in a context.

A business process consultant, or BPO consultant, is typically a third party professional that is hired and brought in by a business to assess the systems, processes, strategies and techniques of the business with productivity and efficiency in mind. As an analytical company we have taken great lengths to research and gather the right resources that helps companies to process their available data into automated reports that could be available to almost real time depending on the architecture. Thus, combating popular platform like PowerBI.

BI tools or platforms are software that you can use to collect past, future, and current data and then process and analyze them. It is done to make actionable insights, build interactive reports, simplify decision-making for your business, and many more functionalities. These platforms come with key features, including data visualization, KPI scorecards, visual analytics, and interactive dashboards. Apart from this, these tools also enable you to leverage automated reporting along with predictive analysis to understand future trends.

Simply put, data transformation makes your data useful. Data transformation is the process in which you take data from its raw, siloed and normalized source state and transform it into data that’s joined together, dimensionally modeled, de-normalized, and ready for analysis.  Without the right technology stack in place, data transformation can be time-consuming, expensive, and tedious. Nevertheless, transforming your data will ensure maximum data quality which is imperative to gaining accurate analysis, leading to valuable insights that will eventually empower data-driven decisions. Building and training models to process data is a brilliant concept, and more enterprises have adopted, or plan to deploy, machine learning to handle many practical applications. But for models to learn from data to make valuable predictions, the data itself must be organized to ensure its analysis yield valuable insights.

We have become a consulting company that offers a change management solution as a service. Assessing the company needs matching it to its capabilities and giving advice in the field of data management. On the other hand, if the company has a need for deployment of such solution. Depending on the company policies, we offer consultants that can work on the premises for a period until the solution is deployed including support. At the same time, we build generic and customized solutions.

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