The customer will have a problem or need that could be solved by data science. The client contacts the venture, after a consultancy session the customer need is identified, what is available and what can be done. The core of data science is based on the data, the consultant will see the availability and how it can be modelled. As supervised learning or unsupervised learning algorithms. Methods to obtain the data, cost, time is stipulated. The venture specializes on the brains (algorithms), thus training the computer for a specific ability. The company is still developing in robotics, and it also works with other companies in robotics if required. The model is tested, and provided to the client. For example as an application program in android/ iOS.


  • What is AI?
  • What is the forth revolution?
  • How do AI affect me?
  • How do I use AI in my business?
  • What is data science?
  • How do machine learn
  • What is deep learning?
  • Do you only do research?

Regina analytics is a business that deals in data science, from the gathering of relevant data for research. Processing the data into information, transfer of information into reports. Developing algorithms that could be used to train data into different artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning models.

A customer need is identified and a model is developed to solve the customer problem/need.

The cost of projects depends on the intensity of the work. Services like application usage the pricing is provide accordingly

We can discuss the project online, depending on the understanding of what the customer needs. The consultant can visit the client if there is a need. The customer is updated about every stage though the communication channel of his/her choice

If its an idea, an API is registered and all legal steps are taken to protect the client’s idea.

The introduction of computers to do all human work, giving humans more time do explore and engage in recreational activities. This could make humans live longer, more happier etc.

Technology is moving, you need to be aware and apply it or you will be left out.

Use the computer technology to takeover some of the human ability

No have other services, even though our core business required data which is obtained from research and development


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